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Returns Fall 2018 - * Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday *

Looking for something different for the kids to do?  Our weekday drop-in arts & craft experiences allow you to stop in for a craft and a snack, on your own schedule.  

Craft n' Snack experiences are designed to be just that - an experience!  They are not heavily instructional, and shouldn't be considered a "class".  Children are provided with all of the supplies they need to be creative, and that means allowing them to add their own personal touch to each project.  Your child will craft first, then snack while their project dries.  Each experience lasts about 1 hour.

Craft n' Snack Hours

We open at 10:00am and welcome you to start your project no later than 1:00pm, as we close at 2:00pm.  If we don't have any crafters in the shop by 1:00pm, we close for the day!

Download our monthly calendar below, so you can decide in advance which crafts appeal most to your little one.  Drop in, create, snack, and go!

What's Included

Your little one gets to show their creative side over juice and a light snack.  Of course, they get to take their creations home with them.  We can help your child with their craft from start to finish, or you can elect to work on your own with them for some true one on one time!  Some children aged 2 might need additional help from their mom/dad/caretaker.

Monthly Crafter

Unlimited Craft n' Snack experiences each month on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  That means your little one can experience every craft day of the month!  

1 child - $79 per month

2 children - $129 per month

3 children - $169 per month

Membership begins on the date of purchase and ends the same day of the following month.  Children must be siblings in order to qualify for multiple child discount.

Gift Certificates

By popular demand, we are offering gift certificates for our Craft n' Snack experiences.  The minimum certificate value is $35.00.  

Gift certificates can be used for any Craft n' Snack experience, or toward any of our special events held at the shop.

Craft Calendar

Fall 2018 Calendar Coming Soon!

Files coming soon.



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